"Wind at the corner" If the Event Site and HR Sailpark are too mellow and the winds at Doug's Beach and Rowena are blowing you off your board, Mosier could be just right. Frequently windy, though not nuclear, Mosier, (aka Rock Creek), has wide open bump and jump and slalom sailing on some small, nicely formed swells. The spring sailing is especially good with the spring run-off boosted current. Though the area is still rough on vehicles and equipment in the parking and rigging area, (as you must drive, walk and rig on fist sized rocks and boulders), Mosier is more user friendly than ever, thanks to the community supported improvements. The $2.00 parking fee is a fair price to pay to sail here and it helps fund future improvement plans.

RIG & LAUNCH Rig next to your vehicle on the rocks or where you can find a grass area. There might be an open piece of carpet left by some boardhead philanthropist but don't hog it. To get to the launch carry your rig under the overpass to the water and launch either out of the cove to the east, or to the west of the bushes at the point. The shore is rock covered, but the river bottom will be sandy once your ten to fifteen feet off shore. Remember, don't block these small launches when you're taking a break - stash your rig in the bushes or carry it back to your car.

WIND It can blow all day, but the tendency is for the wind to pick up in the afternoon. Typically 40 to 50 conditions with a chance of 35 and smaller. It's usually filled-in from shore to shore though it is typically lighter at the launch. Good sailing in spring, summer and fall. Don't forget that this is a good spot when it is blown out at Rowena and Doug's.

WATER The swells can be up to 3 feet, are spread out and have long broad shapes. Airtime is available in either direction, but is slightly better to port. This is a good bumop and jump location, with good slalom sailing later in the season when the water level is lower and the current less brisk.

GETTING THERE Take the Mosier (exit #69) off I-84. Turn south off of the exit and follow the road to the first left. Go left under the overpass and look for the turnoff to the sailing site just over the little bridge. Follow the rocky road under the railroad overpass to the parking area. There's room for about 50 cars at $2 each.