Now that we have sold our Gorge property we have too many rugs
so we have the following Persian rugs for sale - (sizes are approximate)

We've already sold more than 30 of these fine carpets - reserve yours now before they're all gone!
email us for more info on specific rugs

tabriz-heriz 5'x7' - very fine 300 KPSI

tabriz-heriz 6'8"x10'2" - very fine 300 KPSI

sarouk-vase 3.5'x5.2'

sarouk-runner - superb specimen - simply exquisite 3'x13'


Bakhtiari 5'x7'

Small Kashan 2'x3.5' - just cleaned

Vintage Persian 2'9x5'8

torba tentbag 3' x 1'

shiraz 3'6" x 5'5"

kashan 7x10

Caucasian 5x7

balouch 2x4

balouch 2x4

balouch 2x4

gabbeh 5x8

Gabbeh runner 2'3"x9'2"

kerman 11x17 semi-antique

Bokhara 4'2"x5'9"

Herati 3'5x6'5

qum 5x7

tabriz-heriz 3'5"x5 - very fine 300 KPSI

tabriz-heriz 3'5"x5'6 - very fine 300 KPSI

kashan 3x5

soumak flatweave 3x4'6

gabbeh 4'x5'8

roudbar 2'3x9

sarouk 2x4

kerman-afshar flatweave 4x7

hereke 2x4

heriz-runner 3'4x10

qashqai 4x7

Shiraz with lion design - 5'3"x7'7"

eaglekazak design 5x7

Saddlebags, Shiraz, Afshar tribe, 4'1"x2'6

tabriz-heriz 7x10 coarser weave (much less expensive)

persian runner - finely woven 3'x5'9"

ferahan (antique) 3.5"'x5'

email us for more info on any rug